Beautiful villages in Lemnos

Lemnos town Post

Lemnos presents the amazing number of 35 villages, each and every one so special that it surely would be difficult for someone to choose; from picturesque small villages to larger, cosmopolitan ones, every settlement has it’s own history and hidden beauties that await to be discovered.


The largest village of Lemnos, Atsiki, is located in the central part of the island; it therefore functions as the junction between all other settlements. Atsiki has a wide range of shops, markets, coffee shops and taverns available and is a necessary stop for a well-roasted greek coffee in the central piazza., under the shade of St. Georges belfry.


Located in the north-east part of Lemnos, Plaka has a unique landscape because of the homonymous cape that is characterized by its volcanic rocks and formations. The view is breathtaking, and a celebration is organized every August at the small church of St. Charalampos. Ideal for a stroll in the stony alleys and a tasting of the delicious local products.


One of the oldest villages of Lemnos. Kornos is a highland, traditional village, with old-school small kafeneia (small coffee shops) where one can sit and enjoy the peaceful, relaxing environment. Don’t miss a visit to the nearby Therma, the therapeutic baths that are famous since the ancient times for their warm, healing waters.

# Katalakkos

Close to Kornos, the small village of Katalakkos is a wonderful surprise; built within a ravine, surrounded by the ravishing green nature, Katalakkos is a refreshing break. It goes without saying that it is only a stop in your way to the famous Ammothines (less than ten minutes distance), the magnificent sand hills that create a desert-like scenery due to a rare phenomenon -perfect photograph moment!


Last but not least, Kontias is a great, lordly old village with rich history that has preserved the atmosphere of an older era. The amazing, traditional architecture and the picturesque streets contribute to its unique beauty, making Kontias a well-known destination for tourists and wanderers. Don’t forget to visit the renovated set of windmills, the church of St. Ioannis Prodromos (which dates back in the 16th century) and the Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art.