Best sightseeing in Lemnos

Being recently declared as the most beautiful among all the Greek islands, it’s not difficult to imagine that Lemnos is a place of extraordinary scenery; it’s allure however, does not only derive from its magnificent nature but also from the rich history that is linked to its past. Numerous archeological sites of unique importance lay before the tourist’s eyes, and most would not even suspect that most of them exist since the prehistoric and Neolithic days!


# Poliochne

Poliochne Lemnos 2

Regarded the most ancient city in the history of Europe, the settlement of Poliochne constituted the first fortified settlement to ever exist in the continent. Established in the 4th century BC, the Neolithic village evolved into a thriving city during the Copper Age. Walk among the ruins of utmost historic significance and don’t forget to learn more by paying a visit to the Archeological Museum of Lemnos.


# The Temple of Kaveirio


Dedicated to the sons of Hephaestus , Kaveiroi, the temple of Kaveirio is one of particular importance. The energy of the site is unique, as Kaveiroi were first worshiped in Lemnos, during mystic rituals that involved sacrifices and offers to gods; it was an excuse to celebrate the invention of fire that was linked to Hephaestus, too. Do make the effort to visit the cave of Philoctetes nearby, too.


# The archeological site of Hephaestia


Hephaestia is considered the biggest and oldest city of Lemnos; named after the god-protector of Lemnos, Hephaestus, it included a temple dedicated to the Great Mother Lemnos as well as a necropolis, baths and various residencies. Many archeological findings on spot suggest a rich and advanced cultural level.


# Ammothines

Ammoudies Lemnos 2

Located 3 km northwest of the village Katalakos, a unique desert-like landscape is created by the power of the wind. Perfect moment for a photograph by the sand hills!


# The Castle of Myrina

Myrina castle Lemnos 2

Built by the Byzantine emperor Andronicus A’ Komninos, the castle of Myrina offers a unique view to the capital of Lemnos and the Aegean Sea. Wander through its picturesque backstreets and you might even run into a deer, as the castle is considered their sanctuary! Ideal for sunset strolls.