The Products of Lemnos island

Lemnos’ unique environment and nature has lead to the production of unique local products that are characterized by amazing taste and supreme quality. From wine to various kinds of cheese and grain-based, baked goods, traditional stores and markets offer a wide range of products that will certainly please every gastronomic taste!

Plati village Lemnos


#Kalathaki Limnou

By far the most well-known product of Lemnos, Kalathaki is a unique kind of cheese with a world-famous reputation. Produced by sheep milk and always by following the traditional procedure, Kalathaki is named after the special jar it matures in, known as “kalathi”. The form of the pot gives Kalathaki its characteristic shape, and its taste is quite rich -though a bit spicier than the one of feta. Ideal for pies and perfectly suited with white wine.



“Flomaria” is a kind of traditional Greek pasta, chylopites, which are made by the addition of eggs in the original mixture. The dough is made from scratch and has to be formed in small, thin pieces by hand, a procedure that is time consuming and requires a skilled cook. Flomaria can be found in a wide range of flavors and are perfectly accompanied by melichloro cheese; enjoy them also in the traditional dish of kokoras krasatos (the Greek version of coq au vin).


#Grain-based goods

Lemnos has a very special variety of wheat that is famous since the ancient times; known as “Mauragani“, it has a unique taste and nutritional value. The variety is nowadays cultivated once again due to great demand and constitutes the base for the production of bread (Mauragani bread). Famous also are the Lemnian rusks.; kneaded by hand, these rusks are thick slices of bread that are baked until crispy and come in a wide range of flavors, the most famous being the olive oil version.



Lemnian wines are world-known for their supreme taste and quality, repeatedly winning competitions and prizes on an international level. The island is known since the times of Homer for its divine wine-making, with two varieties being the most prominent ones; “Mosxato Alexandreias”, and “Limnio” or “Kalampaki”, which is the oldest one. Don’t forget to visit a local winery and take with you these delightful gifts -they are sure to be mostly appreciated!



Created in honor of Eleutherios Venizelos who visited the island after its liberation in 1912, these delicacies are made with chocolate, almonds, Cointreau and glazed with vanilla. They are the signature desert of Lemnos and should not be missed!