Lemnos has a long tradition in wine making since ancient times, with even Homer mentioning the famous wine of Lemnos in the Iliad. Today, the wines of the island are internationally known and remain the main exported product of Lemnos.

The island is covered with vineyards, its Mediterranean climate and volcanic soil helping to produce small, concentrated grapes of great quality. Many varieties of grape are cultivated, including the black grape indigenous to Lemnos known as Limnio or Kalampaki, and the famous grape variety Muscat of Alexandria.

Some of the most well known wines of Lemnos include both dry and sweet white wines, like the Aroma of Lemnos and the Muscat de Lemnos respectively, but red and rose wine and retsina are also produced. Lemnos also has a long tradition in ouzo and raki production.

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